Stuck? Unsure? Getting started?
We partner with some of the best trainers in the city, who operate autonomously and symbiotically within LIV Fitness.  The benefit to you is that that you get a truly customized and professional experience where the focus is on YOU.

Who can benefit from training?
Who can benefit? If you are open to new experiences and growth, you can benefit. There is no cookie-cutter method to every person and each will get something different out of their experience. Hire a trainer for a few sessions for a tune up or meet regularly for that mission you are wanting to accomplish. Are you looking to finally get a handle on your fitness and get all the support needed to stay the course? The accountability from regular training sessions would be a good idea. Are you brand new to the gym and are simply beside yourself on how to get started? Meeting with a trainer for a few sessions in the beginning would be a sound investment. Are you a seasoned athlete who needs tweaking on your program to get you to the next competitive level? Regular meetings with a trainer can help. Are you a recreational lifter who has discovered that you have developed some bad technical habits over the years? It might be good to meet with a trainer for a few sessions to get a new set of eyes.  

What are training workouts like?

Anyone can create a punishing workout that can be showcased on your Instagram. But that’s short sighted, and possibly can get you injured.

Workouts with us will be challenging without being abusive. Our trainers know what it’s like to be in your shoes. They listen. They meet you at your level.

Our trainers see the big picture. They help you level up on a schedule that makes sense and actually works so you will be getting fit and then staying fit for a lifetime.

How much does training cost?

Training is personal and knowing who you are going to work with and back you up when things get hard is important.

Things to think about:

  • What kind of goals do you want to achieve?
  • Do you want to work with someone with more enthusiasm or someone more low key?
  • What are your current limitations and level of experience?

Training can also take on a variety of schedules, depending on your needs, goals and level of self-motivation. You may opt to meet with a trainer once a week or three times a week.
You may opt to train one-on-one or within a small group setting.
One on one training is typically $65 per hour and $40 per 30 minute session.

To better understand what will work best with you we can have an open discussion about what you’re looking for. No pressure. No upsell. No long term contract. No cheesey quick-fix sales pitch. Just open conversation to see what works best for you in the most affordable way.

If you are ready to begin investing in yourself, let’s have an honest discussion about coaching, how we can help and match you with the best trainer for your situation.