We are happy to accommodate members bringing in an occasional guest. However, the door security (among other things) needs to be minded in this process.
We can accommodate guests within the following parameters:

  • Guests must be accompanied by an active member and guest visits cannot recur longer than one week’s time. Guests that wish to utilize the gym longer than a week’s time or intend to visit weekly should consider becoming members.
  • Guest and active member must arrive together during STAFFED HOURS (check link as hours may vary).
    WARNING: If arriving outside of STAFFED HOURS the door system may lock out your account! Be sure to check STAFFED HOURS first before arrival!
  • Guest and active member should check in with the Front Desk and guest must sign a form each visit
  • There is no charge for guests brought in by members
  • A special circumstance: If meeting with a trainer for the first time, you may meet with a trainer as a guest outside of staffed hours. The trainer will facilitate this meeting.