LIV Fitness is a communal space. Out of the interest of creating an environment that best serves the common good of all of our members, we have devised basic gym rules:

    We are a private gym for members only, aged 18 years or older. Guests of members are permitted per our Guest Policy (
    We do not offer day passes.
  2. BE COOL.
    There are members of varying experience using our space. Be kind, empathetic, and respectful.
    Good gym etiquette means sharing equipment. Expect that others may want to use equipment you are using. Politely asking to “work-in” or “how many sets left” is a completely acceptable way to ask to share. Facilitating the work-in and sharing of equipment is encouraged. Reciprocate if able.
    One’s social media content does not take precedence over the gym usage of others. Do not monopolize space or equipment in order to take pictures/film. Do not deliberately take pictures/film others without their consent for this purpose.
    If you need to make a phone call or text, be aware of your impact on others in the space. If necessary, take it outside.
    Avoid dropping weights from elevation.
    When finished with any equipment, wipe down upholstery, cardio touchpoints other contact areas.
    All members access the door system using a key fob to “tap-in” at the door reader, even if the door is held open for you. The door system is aware of the number of entries for each tap-in and may block key fobs that allow multiple entries on only one tap in.
  4. BE SAFE.
    Exercise and use of the facility is to be utilized entirely at one’s own risk. Be aware of your physical capacity and do not exercise beyond your physical limitations.
    LIV Fitness recommends that one consult a physician before beginning any exercise regime.
    When using free weights, LIV Fitness recommends using a spotter. If using the squat racks, use the pin/pipe safeties. Do not leave the treadmill unattended with the belt running. Do not straddle the treadmill with the belt running.
    Wear appropriate shoes and athletic attire.
    Be aware of your surroundings, including other people, equipment and objects on the floor.
    LIV Fitness is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
    Training and coaching services are authorized only by individuals that have provided the necessary credentials and contract with LIV Fitness. Training services can be obtained directly from trainer inquiring here:
    Our staff is here to help. If you have an issue that needs attention, please let one of us know. Or you can email