We are taking COVID seriously and are enforcing our policy with cooperation from our membership. Based on feedback and research, LIV Fitness is the safest gym in the metro area, and many say much safer than visiting a grocery store. We require masks, have capacity limits and are implementing increased sanitation protocols. 
You may review our COIVID policy here: livfitness.us/covid.

If you have moved or just not using the gym right now, you can either cancel or suspend your membership. There is no cost to either option, but there are differences in how they play out.

Not sure you want to cancel and just want to take a break?

  • You have the option of suspending your membership with no cost for up to 3 monthly billing cycles one time per calendar year.
  • This will suspend your billing at that time and keep continuity of your membership in good standing.  For flexibility, you can always reactivate sooner than you initially plan.
  • No re-enrollment fee.
    For this option, email your request to info@livfitness.us, detailing your name, phone number and how many consecutive billing cycles that you would like to suspend.

If you are moving or just don’t want to use the gym anymore, you can cancel your membership.

  • To proceed with this option, we will need to close the account.
  • You will be required to return your key fob  as well as submission of a cancellation form.
  • There is no cancellation fee, however if you decide to rejoin at a later time, a re-enrollment fee or new membership rate may apply.
    You can print and fill out the form LINKED HERE.
  • Note: A cancellation request is a seven day  notice. To avoid a final billing, you must return this form with your membership key fob to our facility no less than seven (7) days prior to your auto-billing date. You may return this form and your membership key fob via postal mail, personal delivery to a LIV Fitness staff member, or drop into our mailbox within a sealed envelope. If LIV Fitness does not receive your cancellation request and key fob more than seven days until your auto-billing date, there is a strong possibility you will be billed one final time.