5am to 11pm on the Daily

Free Weight by the Ton. Cardio by the Mile. Coaching by the Degree.


Membership is honest, simple and transparent.

Our members are diverse in backgrounds, interests and experience with one thing in common: they want to become better. They workout to feel better, look better, gain clarity or supplement and outside activity. Our mission is to be the best conduit for that journey: to be a clean space for you to get your hands dirty.
  • RESPECT: Whatever your reason for working out, your goals and process are YOURS. We provide an honest, communal environment for adults of all disciplines and levels to get into their own groove. It’s all good. We support without patronizing, spamming or imposing.
  • FREEDOM: Follow your heart. We are available for guidance, but how you choose to train is up to you: Cardio, free weights, strength and tactical equipment are all available for use.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Avoid the crowds and come workout on your schedule any day of the year 5am to 11pm.
  • SUPPORT: We got your back. When the struggle gets real, we are fortunate that extraordinary trainers choose to coach at LIV.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We look to collaborate with other local businesses and trainers to help improve everyone’s well being.
  • YOUR VOICE: Tell us how we’re doing. We are listening. It helps us grow.


We are a multidiscipline facility and hope to offer what you are looking for.

  • CARDIO: We have state-of-the-art Precor treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes. While you sweat, you can log your workouts, watch Netflix or do a virtual race.
  • FREE WEIGHTS: We have multiple squat racks & cages. Our benches are custom. Tons of dumbbells, kettlebells and specialty barbells; fractional plates for incremental progression. And there are more pullup bar options than is necessary!
  • TACTICAL CONDITIONING: With monkey bars, Concept-2, TRX, battle rope, sand bags, slam balls, gymnast rings and heavy boxing bag we have everything you need to get into fighting shape.
  • SELECTORIZED MACHINES: We have full line for the entire body, equipped with rep counters and timers

We invite you to run your next mile, squat a PR or start your fitness journey with us!


If you need an extra push, training is available at LIV at your discretion.
We partner with some of the best coaches in the city.
Click HERE to learn more about training at LIV.

We are an independent gym located on Atlanta’s East Side at 1853 Memorial Dr. 30317, easily accessible to anyone from Parkview, Kirkwood, East Lake, EAV, Edgewood, Reynoldstown, L5P or Decatur.