Discover what your neighbors already know:
A local alternative to the big box gym.
We have the cure for what ails you, no matter what your fitness discipline is.
OPEN to MEMBERS 5am to 11pm
Every. Single. Day.

No contract. No pretense. No pressure. No drama.



Open for members 5am to 11pm. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even holidays.
That means on Thanksgiving, while other places are closed, you could be here, burning off that turkey! SWEET!

The weird part is, if you want to join us, you need to come by during staffed hours so we can get you oriented and give you your key access.

STAFFED HOURS are typically:
Mon thru Thu 10am to 7pm.
Fridays 10a to 2p.
Sat 10a to 4p.
Sun by appointment.

Note that staffed hours are typical and may change without notice.

If you’re going to visit us, stop by during staffed hours and ring our doorbell, or call 404-549-7767.

(We kindly ask that only potential members or current members call us. Please no sales calls. Thank you.
All sales inquiries can be directed to info@livfitness.us)


What’s your jam?
We have what you need to get lean, get swole, get limber, get clarity or just get started.

  • CARDIO: Matrix treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and stair climber
  • FREE WEIGHTS: multiple squat racks, custom benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, fractional plates and more
  • TACTICAL CONDITIONING: monkey bars, TRX, battle rope, Concept 2, gymnast rings, heavy boxing bag
  • SELECTORIZED MACHINES: full line for the entire body, equipped with rep counters and timers

We invite you to run your next mile, squat a PR or get started with us!


We are a local, independent operation. Not a franchise. Not a big, lumbering corporation. We’re smaller but mighty and we think you’ll like the difference.
Come workout on your terms. We don’t dictate your goals. Your goals are yours.
Here is where people of all fitness disciplines and varying levels coexist and respect each other. It’s chill. No dogma.
And we’re here to help when you need it.


Dude, this is hard work! Yes, it is, but a good coach is like a hack to faster results.

If you are stuck, lost or just starting out, we affiliate with the best nationally accredited trainers to meet you at your level.
And they have tons of experience.

Need something with more specialization? Many of our coaches have field specific expertise, whether you are training for a marathon, want to transform your physique or get into game day shape.

Note: If you already have a relationship with a trainer, then let’s talk about bringing them in so you can continue on your path.

And remember: when you work with one of our coaches YOU are in control, training on YOUR schedule with NO long term contract. Train frequently or just get a tune up from time to time.

If classes or working in a group is your thing, we offer Group X classes. You won’t feel like a number and will get more attention with energy and community in a smaller setting. Our instructors have ownership and creative control over the classes they teach so we’re sure you’ll have a great experience as a result.

You only pay for what you sign up for.
Check out our Group X schedule here.


***Note: Trial classes are offered. Session purchases may expire after one month of purchase and cannot be refunded, so be sure you can attend the classes you are purchasing!


Come check us out in person to make sure we’re just what your looking for.
Make sure the equipment is cool. Check to see if our bathrooms are clean. If you want, meet with a coach.

Just drop by during staffed hours with your ID.
Heads up: the door will be locked so ring the doorbell.

Staffed hours to join typically are:
Mon – Thu 10a to 7p
Fri 10a to 2p
Sat 10a to 4p

Basic Gym Access (5a to 11p 365) is available for


A one time enrollment fee does apply.

Anything additional (Group X or Training) is completely up to you.
No contract. No drama. It only takes about five minutes to get you key access.

When you are ready to move on, you can cancel with a 7 days notice of your final billing. No games. Just make sure to return your key fob with your form.


A rising tide lifts all boats. We are looking to partner with fitness professionals who not only create results but care about the big picture. Come make a home with us, where your craft is honored and where you are able to grow.
Direct all inquires to info@livfitness.us

We are located at 1853 Memorial Dr. 30317, easily accessible to anyone from Parkview, Kirkwood, East Lake, EAV, Edgewood, Reynoldstown, L5P or Decatur.