We feel it’s important to let you know some of the unusual things about us:

  • WE ARE ONE OF A KIND. We are not a franchise or part of a large corporation. We are a single gym, locally owned and operated in Atlanta, GA.
  • WE ARE OPEN TO MEMBERS 5AM TO 11PM EVERY DAY. Even holidays. On Thanksgiving come burn off that turkey.
  • WE DO NOT OFFER DAY PASSES OR TRIALS. Weird huh? We try to be sensitive to gym usage and reserve it for those that are our members. Though if you want to tour the gym, cool. Just stop by during STAFFED HOURS.
  • WE ARE NOT ALWAYS STAFFED, so if you are picking up your key fob or want to swing by to check us out before you join, be sure to check STAFFED HOURS.
  • WE ARE EASIER TO CANCEL THAN WE ARE TO JOIN. Our membership is month to month. When it’s time to move on, you can CANCEL your membership with one business day’s notice by returning your key fob and filling out a form. It’s really that simple.
  • WE DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY MARKET OR SPAM. Our gym is a place for you to work on you and not be bothered with upsells.
  • WE ARE SMALL(ER) BUT MIGHTY. If you are looking for a “Big Box” gym, we might not be your jam. But if you’re looking for a clean, well equipped space with support for your growth, we could be your spot.
  • SIMPLE MONTH TO MONTH MEMBERSHIP. JOINING is easy and we would be glad to have you!
  • THE DOOR IS ALWAYS LOCKED. Once you’re a member, use your key fob to access.
  • Positive: Communication ,  Professionalism ,  Quality Amazing gym with a very kind and accommodating owner who balanced keeping the gym open and maintaining safe covid procedures. Equipment was maintained well, environment was welcoming, and the whole place was kept clean. Highly recommend.

    Atul Shembekar Avatar Atul Shembekar

    Best gym I've ever been part of. Sad to go because of moving. Great atmosphere community gym. It always felt comfortable and clean, even at peak hours.

    Dennis Davila Avatar Dennis Davila

    One of the best gyms I have been a member of. The owner Jason runs a tight ship: equipment is always clean, organized and in working order. The staff is friendly, and the gym goers themselves are respectful. Everyone seems to come and do their business and leave which I enjoy. Also plenty of free weights, and 4 free weight squat racks makes this an ideal place if you take your gains seriously. Covid safety precautions are always in effect. Capacity is capped, and masks are always worn. Spray bottles are provided to each person upon check in and everyone is good about wiping down equipment after use.

    David Norman Avatar David Norman
  • Fantastic gym, been attending for a couple months. Their COVID precautions have been really well executed and the management have had excellent communication. I've been to most of the large chain gyms but my experience here has been my favorite of any gym I've attended.

    Adam Hildebrant Avatar Adam Hildebrant

    Friendly staff and clean between clients even before covid

    gaming mode Avatar gaming mode

    This facility is my favorite in the whole Decatur area. clean, friendly, and understanding. the staffs are amazing with greeting you before and leaving the building.

    Melanie Carlisle Avatar Melanie Carlisle
  • Positive: Communication ,  Professionalism ,  Quality I was staying in the area for a couple of months, but wish it was longer because I enjoyed working out at Liv fitness a lot. I am glad I found this place and I didn't end up in a globo mega gym. This gym is very welcoming, never crowded, clean, well equipped and takes all the covid precautions. This was one of my happy places. ❤️

    Gabriella Cortez Avatar Gabriella Cortez

    Literally no complaints about this place, I love it! Clean and simple and easy. Owner is really cool too.

    Perry Solem Avatar Perry Solem

    Great equipment, friendly and responsive staff, usually not too busy, and many other good things about this place. I spent three years with them and had zero issues. I highly recommend.

    Leonardo Portugal Barcellos Avatar Leonardo Portugal Barcellos
  • This has probably been the best gym Ive had the pleasure of going! Their response to the pandemic was awesome, made me feel safe during the whole thing! Great variety of machines and free barbell!

    Allison Duarte Avatar Allison Duarte

    Best gym ever! Jason is an amazing trainer and I have never been in such a wonderful gym environment before.

    Adriana Heffley Avatar Adriana Heffley

    The staff was awesome!

    Angela White Avatar Angela White