Our 6000 square foot facility is a locally-owned alternative to the crowded ‘big box.’  Our space is inviting, unpretentious and well equipped for whatever you’re into:
Run, lift, cycle, row, climb, stretch or just be.  Keep your routine or try something new.
Get a new squat PR or finally start to ‘get fit’.  Do classes, do training or just do your own thing.
Whatever your interest or fitness level, we hope you join us!

We’re open 5am to 11pm every day.  Even holidays.  That means next Thanksgiving, while other places are closed, you could be here, burning off that turkey!  Sweet!
And you’ll never have a problem finding parking.  Our parking lot is H-U-G-E.

Our membership is limited (though we are taking new members now).  Our space is chill and not over-crowded.  We have private changing rooms, private bathrooms and private shower for your convenience.

We offer the best value around for your membership: a clean, maintained, communal space with high end equipment.
Our memberships are straight forward with no pushy sales process, no hard-sell or shake-down.  Rates are just $34 per month with no contract.  A one time $40 enrollment fee does apply.  See club for details.
Signing up takes mere minutes and all you need is your credit card and driver’s license.

Come check us out!  Call us at 404-549-7767 or stop by during staffed hours.
We are easily accessible from the neighborhoods of Kirkwood, Oakhurst, East Atlanta, East Atlanta, Edgewood, Decatur, Reynoldstown and L5P.

Here’s the scoop on some of our ‘goods’.  For more info, check out our FAQ.

  • Does the gym have state-of-the-art treadmills, bikes and ellipticals with touch screen monitors?  Yes.
  • Multiple squat racks, benches and plenty of free weights?  We got ’em.
  • Circuit equipment with built in rep counters and timers for more efficient workouts?  Yep, that too.
  • Cable machines with multipurpose pulleys and attachments?  Affirmative.
  • Wanna work up a sweat with a Group Fitness Class?  You can do that.
  • Conditioning equipment like kettle bells, battle ropes, and Concept 2?  That’d be a ‘yes.’

We are located at 1853 Memorial Drive SE Atlanta, GA 30317, easily accessible from the neighborhoods of Kirkwood, Oakhurst, East Atlanta, East Atlanta, Edgewood, Decatur, Reynoldstown and L5P.
We’re behind the Auto Zone at the Parkview Station shopping center and we have tons of parking.  Tons.

 We are open to members 5am to 11pm every day, but Staffed Hours vary.

We are a key access facility, so if you are looking to join, we recommend calling 404-549-7767 so we can look out for you.
Staffed hours do change from time to time.  Currently Staffed Hours are:
Monday thru Thursday   10am to 7pm
Friday   10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm
Sunday by appointment

We hope to see you around soon!