• EQUIPMENT: Free weight by the ton; Cardio by the mile. We have what it takes to get strong, get lean, get swole, get centered or just get started.
  • RESPECT: Whatever your reason for working out, your goals are YOURS. We provide an honest, communal environment for adults of all disciplines and levels to get into their own groove.
  • SUPPORT: We got your back. When things get hard, we are fortunate that extraordinary trainers choose to coach at LIV and are available to help.
  • FREEDOM: Follow your heart. At your discretion we are available for guidance, but how you choose to train is up to you. There is room for experimentation and exploration. There is no dogma.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Avoid the crowds and come workout on your schedule any day of the year 5am to 11pm.
  • MEMBERSHIP SIMPLICITY. Our memberships are $39/month and are month to month. One time $80 enrollment. (But if you join online, enrollment is only $30). No other fees. Honest and straightforward. A TRUE month by month membership, where you can cancel without a 30 or 60 day notice.
  • PARTNERSHIP: We look to collaborate with other local businesses and trainers to help improve everyone’s wellbeing.
  • YOUR VOICE: Your input does matter, so tell us how we’re doing. We are listening. It helps us grow.

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