Come check us out. Make sure the equipment is cool. Check to see if the bathrooms are clean. If you want, meet with a trainer. Make sure the environment is just what you’re looking for.
To join or check us out, bring your ID and come by during staffed hours. The door will be locked (except to members), so ring the doorbell.


Members have key access to the gym Weekdays 5a to 9p; Weekends 5a to 7p.

But if you’re coming to check us out or join, bring your ID and come by during staffed hours.

Staffed Hours Are:
Weekdays 9a to 8p; Weekends 9a to 5p.

Heads up: the door will be locked, so ring the doorbell.

Tour at your leisure. If you decide to join, sweet!
It only takes about five minutes to get you key access.


Do you like sitting down for a “presentation”, where someone “sells” you a membership?
We don’t either.

We believe in transparency, simplicity and flexibility.
A Basic Open Gym membership is $34/moth with a one time $60 enrollment fee.
That’s about a dollar a day.
No contract. No hidden fees. No maintenance fees. No cancellation fees. No games. No drama.

If you join with a friend, spouse or partner, you can split the enrollment fee, but memberships kept separate.
That way, if one person in the group decides the gym isn’t for them, there’s no sweat in untangling the memberships.

When you are ready to move on, you can cancel with a 7 days notice of your final billing.

JOIN ONLINE or stop by and check it out before you make any decision. No pressure. (Wear a mask and be aware of our staffed hours before you visit.)

Note: we are not currently open due to COVID-19 and when opening will service current members first. If you would like to be put on our list to join, please enter info below:

We are located at 1853 Memorial Dr. 30317, easily accessible to anyone from Parkview, Kirkwood, East Lake, EAV, Edgewood, Reynoldstown or L5P.