I am Georgia Tech Strength and Conditioning intern and am USAW Level 1 and CSCS certified. I have strength training/programming experience with student athletes. I also have on-field agility/conditioning coaching experience. I’m also familiar with teambuildr, tendo units and other technology applied in strength/speed training. I’m familiar with Hydroworx aquatic therapy and the use of an underwater treadmill.

I interned at Greater Atlanta Christian in Lilburn, GA to work with their strength and conditioning staff and student athletes. I led on-field agility drills, coached student athletes in the weight room on form/technique. I also prepared pre and post workout nutrition for the workout groups

I’ve got 100 physical therapy hours at Wellstar Dougalsville. 50hrs with in-patients and 50 hours with out-patients. There, I focused on rehabilitation work and corrective exercises to improve mobility for patients rehabbing various injuries.